Her Dark Path

Rebecca Bradley Detective Series, Book 1

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16 years ago, Rebecca Bradley’s mother was murdered. Rebecca was only eight years old. The killer has never been caught. Growing up, Rebecca vowed that one day she would track him down and make him pay.

Now Rebecca is a young policewoman in the Georgian Bay region of Ontario who wants to become a homicide detective. Her first investigation is the cold case of a woman who vanished for 16 days and then was found dead in her home. The brutal crime shocked the remote Canadian town of Conroy.

The puzzling case has uncanny similarities to the murder of Rebecca’s mother. Both victims were found strangled in their kitchens.

Can Rebecca keep her emotions together as she closes in on a killer with connections to her family and tragic past? And will she finally get justice for her mother?


“A well written and plotted novel. It is amazing that it is a debut.” Joyce Fox

Twists and turns through the pages and leaves you wanting even more.” Greta

“Very good, could not put it down.” Susan

“Ken Ogilvie’s first novel is one that kept you gripped from start to finish.” Viv

“This book grabbed my attention from the first chapter. This is a don’t miss book that I read in one sitting.” Claudia

“5 stars – a gripping read from start to finish.” Barbara


Rebecca Bradley is a 24-year-old constable with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). She was psychologically damaged by the unsolved murder of her mother when she was eight years of age. Driven by her mission to catch the murderer and make him pay for his crime, Rebecca is obsessed with justice and retribution, and is haunted by dreams of revenge.

Hound is a 22-year-old giant of a man, hiding out from life in small-town Conroy, where Rebecca goes on her first detective assignment to solve the cold-case murder of Abigail McBride, Hound’s former best friend. Coming from an abusive father and uncaring family, and trying to forget his unhappy childhood in London, England, Hound has an uncontrollable violent streak. He’s immediately stricken by Rebecca and becomes her unlikely ally in solving the murder.


Conroy is a neglected Canadian town with a population of less than four hundred, isolated from the main tourist destinations of Georgian Bay to the west, Lake Simcoe to the east, and the sparkling lakes of the Canadian Shield to the north. Only the McBride murder has put it on the map. The last decent jobs disappeared twenty-five years ago when Conroy’s sawmill closed. Young people flee town as fast as they can.

Book 2: HOUND
Book 3: To be announced

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