By Terri Dixon. Originally featured in the February 2018 edition of Crime Scene, the newsletter for Sisters in Crime Toronto.

Ken Ogilvie book reading event at Sleuth of Baker Street February 2018The Sleuth of Baker Street hosted a well-attended opening for our Brother, newly published Ken Ogilvie, and former Sister R.J. Harlick (Meg Harris Mysteries) on Thursday, February 1.

Ken gave us a quick rundown on the book, Her Dark Path, set in Muskoka in better weather, warming us on a frigid night.

He also related an interesting anecdote about how his hero took backseat to his heroine, who became the main protagonist. This transformation came about with much patient listening to his female critique group and his ever-supportive wife, Elizabeth. Bravo Ken!

We await the second in the series with great expectation. Maybe Hound will have a miraculous resurrection?