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Interesting post by CJ Shane on book reviews

I’ve just read a very good blog post by CJ Shane on book reviews. I have a solid number of ratings and reviews (more than 200 for my first book Her Dark Path and more than 60 for Hound). I often get asked by people what to say in a review and I’m reluctant to give any guidance so as not to bias their comments. What I want more than anything are honest and insightful comments (positive or negative — the negative ones are helpful with improving subsequent books, even if hurtful at times).

Read CJ’s article here.

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Criminal Intent: An Interview with Ken Ogilvie

Interview by Arlene McCarthy. Originally featured in the February 2018 edition of Crime Scene, the newsletter for Sisters in Crime Toronto. Her Dark Path is Ken Ogilvie’s first published novel. Before taking up mystery writing, Ken worked in a variety of roles in the field of environmental policy, including positions with three governments (Federal, Manitoba […]

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